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Inhouse Farming - Feed & Food Show

Part of EuroTier: 12 - 15 November 2024, Hanover

Pioneering new ways of farm & food

Controlled Environment Agriculture – global food security through new agricultural production systems is one of the central tasks of the future. "Inhouse Farming - Feed & Food Show" is the DLG's new platform for the agricultural and food systems of the future. Closely networked with agricultural practice, it offers technical information, perspectives, innovations and business - from feed to food.

High Value Crops

High-value crops (HVC) are agricultural products that have a higher market value compared to conventional crops. This is usually due to the fact that they are only cultivated in limited quantities or that they are suitable for specific purposes or high price market segments because of their unique characteristics and properties.

Examples of HVC include special varieties of fruit and vegetables such as exotic varieties, herbs or rare varieties that command a higher price due to their unique taste, their colour or their nutritional value. Another important HVC category is medicinal plants and herbs that are used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, for example cannabis.

The technologies that are used in HVC production vary depending on the plant species and the cultivation system. HVC such as herbs, spices and lettuces are often cultivated in hydroponics and aquaponics, for instance, as these systems reduce the need for water and fertilisers and enable cultivation in limited spaces.


Become an exhibitor

Profit from new value chains. Become part of the Inhouse Farming - Feed & Food Show at EuroTier 2024.

Diverse participation options

Whether you're a start-up or an internationally operating company - benefit from our clearly defined exhibition spaces and our special offers around in-house farming, new food systems, digitalization, robotics and automation.


Vertical Farming

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Alternative Proteins

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Aquaculture, Aquaponics

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High Value Crops

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Cellular Agriculture

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Energy concepts

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