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Other qualified 2023 applicants

GrowPura (United Kingdom)

GrowPura's Moving Vertical Farming System (MVFS)

GrowPura's revolutionary product, the patented GrowPura® Vertical Farming System (GrowPura® VFS), is a next-generation solution for vertical farming. It utilizes highly innovative and flexible vertical hydroponic technology to overcome the challenges of conventional agriculture and first-generation vertical farming.

greenhub solutions GmbH (Germany)


Our data mining tool is a standalone plug-and-play solution that allows researchers and operators of indoor farms to collect and analyze data from cultivation processes within the system. The tool consists of a sensor network that collects data on the environmental conditions inside the system, as well as a software platform that allows users to analyze the data and identify patterns.

Pflanzentheke GmbH (Germany)

Vertical farms as one-stop shopping solutions

Pflanzentheke GmbH develops and sells vertical farms for fruit and vegetable cultivation, which require minimal use of water, fertilizer and energy. Hydroponic systems are used, i.e. the cultivation of fruits and vegetables with the help of nutrient solutions outside the soil.

Sprout Systems AG (Switzerland)

Aeroponic plant breeding system

Aeroponic plant growing system and production method for vertical cultivation in inhouse farming. The system is characterized by efficiency in construction and operation, simple operation and high degree of automation. Suitable for annual plants with a cultivation period of 3 weeks to 1 year, the product represents a more ecologically and economically sustainable and interesting alternative for conventional hors-sol vegetable productions, in addition to the cultivation of cannabis.

Veranda for green solutions (Palestine)

Smart Hydroponics device

In 2018, Veranda company developed a small hydroponic device, where the idea was to design small hydroponic devices that can be used in small apartments, on balconies, or on rooftops, and it was designed to target all segments of society who love agriculture and cannot practice this hobby in their small apartments, and we developed the idea where it is controlled remotely through a mobile application, to use technology to develop solutions to agricultural problems.