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Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia - Into the future of food sustainability and security

November 19 - 21, 2024, Singapore

Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia is a strategic platform that evolves with the industry and is shaped by leaders and experts to explore strategies and solutions for sustainable systems and production to build a vibrant Agri-Food hub in Asia.

The trade fair provides a focused exhibition platform with a “living lab” environment, thematic experiential zones, sandbox and community-based learning for emerging and established industry players in the agri-food industry to launch, showcase and testbed their solutions.

The second edition of the trade fair will focus on key themes such as Aquaculture & Urban Protein Production, Insect Breeding, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), Vertical Farming (VA),Food Safety & Security, Food Waste Management, and Smart Farming.

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An immersive & engaging event platform

The region’s number one B2B trade event on Agri-Food Technology – The best, inspired from DLG combined with tried and tested concepts – Extensively adapted for the region.

Curated platform to inspire learning, deepen understanding, networking, collaborating, business transactions and adoption of transformative solutions and processes

Exhibition categories

  • Novel Food, Alternative Proteins & Sustainable Food
  • Urban/ Smart Farming
  • Aquaculture
  • Sustainability & Resource Management
  • Food Safety & Security
  • Technological Solutions

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