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May 22 - 24, 2024 - BITEC, BANGKOK – THAILAND

AGRITECHNICA ASIA is the trade fair for crop production and smart farming, showcasing the latest advancements in agricultural technology and innovations. The 4th edition of this highly anticipated event aims to cover all of Asia and attract the largest agricultural buyers from the region. It emphasizes the significance of agricultural engineering solutions that are relevant to and vital for the development of agriculture in Asian markets. With labor shortages, increasing competition, and the need to reduce production costs, increased mechanization through modern machinery is expected to play a pivotal role in the coming decade. AGRITECHNICA ASIA is a collaborative effort between the DLG – German Agricultural Society, organizer of AGRITECHNICA in Hanover, Germany, and VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, organizer of VIV Asia in Bangkok, establishing a powerful joint venture in the agricultural exhibition industry.


AGRITECHNICA ASIA promises a captivating and interactive event experience that immerses attendees in the latest advancements and innovations in the agricultural sector. This trade fair goes beyond traditional exhibitions, offering dynamic conferences and seminars, showcasing cutting-edge technologies, facilitating meetings with government officials, organizing VIP-guided tours, enabling strategic business matching sessions, and hosting networking dinners. Through these engaging activities, AGRITECHNICA ASIA creates an environment where industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts can actively participate, connect, and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making in their agricultural practices. Attendees can expect a truly immersive and interactive event that fosters knowledge exchange and meaningful connections.

Discover the most comprehensive and impactful agricultural trade platform in the Asia Pacific region through the dynamic partnership between AGRITECHNICA ASIA and HORTI ASIA. These influential exhibitions are shaping the future of agriculture and horticulture, offering comprehensive solutions and invaluable insights for industry professionals.

HORTI ASIA is the premier trade exhibition for smart horticulture, showcasing the latest innovations in horticultural and floricultural production and processing technology. It offers a comprehensive platform for industry professionals to explore advancements in various sectors of horticulture. With a focus on smart horticulture, HORTI ASIA brings together leading experts, suppliers, and professionals from the horticulture industry.

AGRITECHNICA ASIA and HORTI ASIA 2024 will feature a dedicated pavilion and forum stage for Vertical Farming, which is jointly organized with the Association for Vertical Farming. This platform will provide an excellent opportunity to explore the latest trends and advancements in vertical farming and engage with experts and industry leaders in this rapidly growing sector.

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Greenhouse Automation: Innovations and solutions for automated greenhouse systems.

Seed and Young Plants: High-quality seeds, seedlings, and young plants for horticultural production.

Irrigation: Advanced irrigation technologies and systems for efficient water management.

Crop Protection: Solutions for pest and disease control in horticultural crops.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing: Technologies for processing and preserving horticultural products.

Urban Farming: Innovations in urban agriculture and vertical farming systems.

Gardening Tools: Tools and equipment for gardening and horticultural practices.

Soil Nutrition: Solutions for soil health and nutrition management in horticulture.

Substrates: Innovative growing media and substrates for horticultural production.

Fertilizer: Fertilizers and nutrient management solutions for horticultural crops.

Post-Harvest Technology: Technologies and equipment for post-harvest handling and storage of horticultural produce.

Floriculture: Products and solutions for the floriculture industry.

Plant Factory: Technologies and systems for controlled environment agriculture and plant factory solutions.


Tractor: Diverse range of tractors for different farming scales

Soil Preparation: Innovative tools for optimal soil conditions

Drilling & Sowing: Cutting-edge technologies for precise seed placement

Plant Protection & Fertilizing: Solutions for crop protection and nutrient management

Irrigation: Advanced methods for water optimization and crop productivity

Harvesting: State-of-the-art machinery for efficient crop collection

Transport: Solutions for agricultural product transportation

Storage: Innovative technologies for preserving harvested crops

Renewable Energy: Integration of sustainable energy in agriculture

Why exhibit

  • Unmatched market reach with diverse agricultural buyers
  • Industry recognition and leadership positioning
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Insights for strategic decision-making
  • Premier agricultural exhibition alongside Horti Asia and Systems & Components Asia
  • Opportunity for internationals to find partners and expand their business, with many importers/dealers visiting the fair

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